July 9th Update w/ (Holiday World info)

Info for this week (7/9-7/15)
Tuesdays at Borden Park continues throughout the month of July.  We meet there at 6 pm and engage folks, play with the kids, shoot hoops, etc. until around 7:30 pm.  I’d love to see as many people that could join us help reach out to the folks of this area.
Wednesday Student Bible Study will take place at Glennwood for ALL STUDENTS from both campuses throughout the month of July.  We will meet upstairs in the Youth Room at 5:45 to 7 pm for Bible Study, worship and fellowship. This is a great time for students from both campuses to get to know each other better and be one Student Ministry.
High School Mission Trip Reward To Holiday World (7/13 to 7/15)
– Meet at 5 pm at the Hill Rd Student Center for departure.
– Cost: $80 (includes: hotel, admission into the park and gas money)
Students will need money for food (except for breakfast)
– We will return Sunday night between 7:30-8 pm (your student will text an exact time as we get closer). Sunday morning we will have worship and Bible Study before we head home.
AUGUST 8TH Wednesday Night Bible Study Kickoff @ 5:45 pm.
We will start a new study, have some Minute To Win It games (and possibly another Gut Buster Competition).
AUGUST 25TH Annual Student Ministry Lake Day

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