Tonight’s Info and Mission Kingsport

WE ARE MEETING TODAY, WEDNESDAY THE 23RD, for Bible Study and helping the WMU ladies with a mission project.


School is almost out and we are about to kick things into overdrive to prepare for our HS and MS Mission Projects/Trip!


In preparation for these events, there is some things that needs to place. There are two sections, so read carefully (one for High School & one for Middle School).



I AM EXCITED FOR MISSION TRIP THIS YEAR! For those who don’t know, we have decided to impact our community this year instead of going to Nashville. We are calling it Mission Kingsport!

Here is what you need to know:

  • Dates are the same (June 25 to 29)
  • Students will be staying at Camp Placid(located in Blountville) during the week.  Each day mission projects will take place around the Indian Springs area as well as Borden Park.
  • Cost is now $100 (covers food, daily transportation, lodging and entertainment activities at camp).
  • You will be doing Backyard Bible Clubs as well as door-to-door and personal evangelism.
  • If you are a HS student, it’s not too late to attend this!!!!  See Pastor Todd to get more info on joining us.


TO PREPARE FOR MISSION TRIP students will be meeting on some Tuesdays and/or Thursdays before the dates above.  NOTE: students and parents please be fluid to when dates are announced since this trip is being planned quickly.  I understand there are other commitments that conflict with some of these meetings.  Otherwise, please make these prep meetings a priority.


HS Students that participate in the Mission Trip will be invited to go to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari in Christmas, Indiana (about an hr from Louisville, KY) for roller coasters, water park, and just down right good ol’ time!  We are going to be working hard in our community and then play hard at Holiday World!  Go ahead and check it out on this link

When: July 13th to 15th

Cost: $80

Let Pastor Todd Know by June 1st if you plan to go on the Holiday World trip.



Your Mission Project dates are:

June 18th

July 2nd

July 6th

July 15th

We will partner with Arrowhead Church to serve a location in Morristown and serve at Borden Park, Cloud Apartments & Engage Tri-Cities.  Time specifics for each date are coming soon!

REMEMBER!!! If a Middle Schooler attends all 4 events, they can attend a paid-for Dollywood reward trip on July 20th.



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