Tubing Trip and Parent Forum Info

Tubing Trip to Hawksnest NC

Want to go on the tubing trip February 17th? Follow this link:

Snow Tubing Sign-up Form

To sign-up if you have not already contacted Todd or Kevin.

Tubing Trip Important Information:

  1. Middle School students need a parent/guardian to transport/chaperone.
  2. High School students may sign up to ride in the van (by contacting Todd – first come first serve – only 10 spots left in the van as of 2/8/18), drive themselves (with parents permission), or ride with a parent.
  3. The cost is $35 plus food money.
  4. The van will stop for dinner on the way home. any  parents who decide to caravan with the church van are welcome to stop and eat/fellowship with the folks on the van! (did you notice how many times I used “van”)  🙂

Parent Bible Study/Forum

Parents, If all we had to go on was God’s Word, what would the values of our family ministry (Pre-K thru college and families) look like?

Let’s find out together! We will have a Parent Bible study and Forum beginning Sunday, February 11th, 6 pm, in the CLC. This group will meet for the next 7 to 8 weeks. Bring your Bible and we will look at scripture together.

We will be using the feed back from this Bible Study/ Forum and surveys to set the values for our family ministry. During the last session, we will share with you how we can utilize our ministries to meet these values!

The Forum is for Parents of Pre-K thru College age students in our church.

Come be a part of shaping our values and what we hold important in our ministry according to God’s Word as we seek to equip you and your student to become more like Christ!


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